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    Butterflies and more

    There is this nice little place pretty close to where I live in Cincinnati, OH. I never visited it before. Never had the reason to. I pass by it plenty of times when I want to go to one of my favorite spots in Cincinnati. Well, this time around I had a reason. They had a special exhibit, 'The butterflies of Philippines'. What photographer could miss such an opportunity? Just that, I chose one of the most crowded days to be there and ended up not taking too many impressive butterfly pictures. Well I did manage to get some cool photographs from my visit there. A day trip not wasted. :P

    P.S. The place is Krohn Conservatory. You can check out their Facebook page by clicking on the name. Its a cool place to be. Its small, but very well kept and definitely one of the places to visit in Cincinnati. Also Eden park, where the conservatory is located is one of the most beautiful parks in Cincinnati. On to the pictures now, starting with my favorite one.


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