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    Cloudy with a chance of Snow(Fall)

    Last month the east of US of A got unexpected snowfall due to the snow storm. The weather people say this is going to be the coldest winter yet. That is what they said last year too. I wonder what they are going to say the next year?
    I witnessed the first ever snowfall in my life. It isn't that I haven't seen snow before. Just that I have never seen it falling before. There is a distinct difference in fresh snow (other than that you can eat it) and snow that has partially melted and froze over. It's SOFT!!! It is so much fun to fall in a blanket of snow. Well, at least until it gets in your shoes and clothes and you start freezing. There is going to be a lot more snow this winter.
    I had a blast in the first ever snowfall that I witnessed. Now, that I am thawed, I finally got a chance to put these pictures up. Enjoy!!!


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