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    7 Days of Creation

        I noticed that recently I haven't had the chance to use my DSLR as my motorcycle trips have been cut down thanks to my work schedule. With an idea of wiping off the dust of my camera, I picked it up one Sunday and decided that I'll take up a short 7 day project. The next hurdle was, 'What theme should I choose?' Then it struck me. Why not go for a mash up of two themes. And so, were created these photosets. The theme I chose as root was 7 Days of Creation. It is the Biblical theory of creation of our world. I paired it with two sub-themes so to say (Okay I am just cooking up words now!) The first sub-theme was close-ups. The second theme centered around inclusion of a human subject in the frame. Without further ado, here are the photosets. Hope you love them. Share them, like them and +1 them. ;)

    P.S. Please read the subtitles. It will be that more interesting.
    Day 1: A tiny spark in the dark, first sign of light and He had started his work.

    Day 2: Water was to serve as the vehicle for life.
    Day 3: Land peeped from under the blanket of water.

    Day 4: Stars twinkled; His map for anyone who may learn to read it.
    Day 5: Life began in a shell for them. Nothing will bind them to a place in future.
     Day 6: Animals spread, dominated the new kingdom.
     Day 6: Animals spread, dominated the new kingdom.
    Here is the second set with the human element along with the core theme.
    Day 1: Let there be light, I say, for darkness has had its day.
    Day 2: In every drop from my finger tips, I sow the seeds for a brighter future.

    Day 3: Water is not all that My domain may offer. For those who search will surely find their treasure.

    Day 4: For the weary traveler who has lost the rope, I put the Northern Star, a map to look.

    Day 5: I put the air beneath each wing; may they soar to the heavens, mark the new beginning.

    Day 6: I create the man in My own image. I hope in future, My work he shall manage.

    Day 7: At last I may rest, admire the beauty that I hold dearest.



    1. Amazing mate.....the photographs are amazing and the idea is pretty unique. Hats off brother. You rock!!!

    2. Awesome bro.!
      Keep up the good work.!
      Luv the connection and the whole collection revealed itself perfectly.!

      1. Thanks bro. :)
        Glad you liked the photographs. Share the joy.



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