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    The Feline Fascination

        Cats... Misunderstood to be selfish; On the other hand, worshiped by some cultures. You may take your pick. But one thing is undeniable, they sure are always clean and cute. Hope you like the snaps I took of some cats and kittens that I found near my house.




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      1. Thanks mate. :) I have many more. Will put them up in the post once they are processed.

    2. Am using the same template but have problem with the homepage... It shows just 2 posts on my page... Can you tell me how you are able to show so many pics on your home page...? Please help me if you know.... Please!!! btw nice clicks!!

      1. Extremely sorry for the late reply. I don't remember what I had done but after searching for a solution on google I had fiddled with the html in the template to enable more posts. Sorry I don't remember and couldn't be of much help.



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