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    Bike Tour-MH-KA-KL-GA-MH

        Have you ever had that feeling? The riders here might know what I am talking about; that feeling to straddle your bike, fill the tank and just set off. I get that often. However, unfortunately, family and work commitments do not bestow upon me the liberty to follow. So, when I learnt that my office is giving me a week's holiday for Diwali (also referred to as the festival of lights in India), the first thing I did was to call up my pal and ask him to set a route and be back in a week. And so, the gears started turning.
        The whole trip was an experiment of many firsts. It was a first ever long trip for all of us who participated, a first all night ride, a first 24 hour ride, it was also supposed to be a photography and videography experiment. It turned out well.
        We set off from Mumbai, Maharashtra; my hometown; and rode through some great experiences.
        Starting from the mild ghats of Lonavala, through Pune and then dashing across to Belgaum, riding all night on the butter smooth Pune-Banglore Highway (NH-4). At dawn we passed through some beautiful village roads with fields on either side, mild breeze blowing across the plane, the paddy swaying in agreement and the sun peeping through the dense cover. The day wound down with a sunset at a beach.
       As fate had it, we weren't destined to reach our destinations in sensible time, or for that matter, even close to before sun down. Finally, we decided to pick a destination to rest the bikes and ourselves for the night and let fate decide the way. The journey took a vey interesting turn.
       We rode on hills with coffee and tea estates, dense cover on either side, foggy wet nights through jungles; we would dare not wander during the day, beautiful falls, calm streams and beautiful costal highways. We passed through Kerala, albeit only passed and never could fully enjoy the God's own country. In Goa, we had a great time with local company, made new friends, laughed, ate and drank; seriously, if you go to Goa and don't drink, you have hardly enjoyed Goa.
        Last day noon had us riding hard towards home, for we had to cover 600 kilometers in 12 hours across one of the trickiest Indian National Highways' ; the NH-17. Filled with tight ghats and narrow roads, passing through towns does not make the road any easy. We managed it somehow with me reaching home at 0215 in the morning and the odometer on my motorcycle reading 2684 kilometers.
        Got up at 0530 and left for office with a grin on my face; for the past 2684 kilometers; 6 and a half days were worth the every penny spent.




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