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    From His perspective

    I come, stay and leave to return. A celebrated household ocassion for five days. I am Lord Ganesha.

    The Welcoming :

      I am omnipresent. I need no invitation; I need no reason; I am here because I am everybody's God. It is my duty to protect everyone. Year after year, I am welcomed into their abode. Shaped into form by skilled sculptors; expression put into eyes by gifted painters; I am brought home by the common man to celebrate his devotion to Me.

    The Stay:

      They leave no stone unturned to celebrate My annual arrival. Differences put aside, everybody is invited to visit Me at their house. I am served with the delicacies of Earth, for they know I am an ardent connoisseur of food. Spirituality is at its peek, with hymns chanted thrice daily. No song parallels that of a devotee, for he sings no to please but to express his joy. Serenity is spread all around, with a hope to last forever.

    The Leave to Return:

      With moist eyes; reluctant hearts; I am sent off on the fifth day; for it is Mother Nature's law, 'Only change is ever truly constant.' Little do they know, that I never really leave. It is merely my form that is sent away; bound to return the next year.


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